It’s been a little while since I’ve posted, but for good reason: We have a new studio space! It’s actually an old recording studio that we are turning into a new recording studio. A place to practice, and record. I’m looking forward to cutting the Truant Minds full length here, as well as the Speed Queen Deluxxx material.


We also (the Pre-Wife and I) had a Bachelor(ette) party here, and recorded a live session with Truant Minds. Here’s one of the songs;

Truant Minds-Permanent (Bachelor Session)

If you listen closely (not that closely), you can hear me messing up and Toby breaking a string. Good times!


I’m excited to do some good recording and video work here. Once we get things nailed down, I’d love to have live sessions with some of our favorite bands. I especially look forward to a Sunset Recorder session.