This is a Brthday present for someone, and also a first for me- It has a separate fretboard just like a traditional guitar.

CBG7_001Other new features include the maple bridge and bone nut. It has really good sustain and the notes ring clear. I got lucky finding this particular box, also. Aside from the fact that it’s good looking, It’s also all wood. Not an amazing feat, but getting harder to find. I think there will be a point that I will have to build the boxes, just to meet my standards.



I’m in the process of building an experimental CBG, with a truss rod and magnetic pickup. I’ve heard mixed opinions on using a truss rod on a neck this small- I guess we’ll see. I’ll post my progress on that here as well. For now, the model shown here is using the same piezo electric that I’ve been using without issue.




  Custom Nameplate!