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A deviation from the instrument building, and a much needed break: FINALLY built up the bike I’ve been dreaming of for a while. The frame is a mid 90’s Trek 720 hybrid. Impressively large tire clearance. I’m probably not fitting fenders in there, but at 700x50c, I’m not complaining.


This is getting the Soma Porteur Front Cargo Rack, as well as my large Minnehaha Saddle Bag. For my typical 20-50 mile jaunts, I feel like this is enough. The beauty of the Soma rack, is that I can mount panniers on it, if needed.


A few details: Trek 720 hybrid frame, powder-coated with a heavy-duty machine grade powdercoat. Sugino triple crankset. Shimano Derailleurs. Sutour stem-mounted power shifters, which have an interesting racheting feature that I immediately liked. Some cream colored Conti RetroRide tires round it out. Brooks saddle, that I may eventually change. I can’t wait to give this bike a real test ride beyond the around-the-block-dump-it-on-the-ice circuit from this weekend.